Alumni Membership. Persons who are graduates of the former Normal School, former Florida A&M College; and Florida A&M University, and persons who have completed at least one academic term and left in good standing, are eligible to become Alumni Members in the Association. These eligible persons shall pay all applicable membership dues at the Chapter, Region, and National levels in order to become an Alumni Member. $100 Yearly ($50 National Dues + $50 Chapter Dues)


Associate Membership. A person who has not attended the University, yet who is interested in supporting the causes of the Association, may become an Associate Member with the Association’s “approval by more than half of the members, who are present and voting, and eligible to vote, at the regular or properly called meeting of the appropriate body” (hereinafter referred to as “majority vote”). Any chapters may identify such a person and enroll them as an Associate Member in its Chapter. Associate Members may vote and hold elective office at the Region level and below at the discretion of Region and Chapter respectively. Associate Members may vote at the National level. These eligible persons shall pay all applicable membership dues at the Chapter, Region, and National levels, in order to become an Associate Member. Associate Members shall not hold elective office at the National level. $100 Yearly ($50 National Dues + $50 Chapter Dues)

Life Membership. Upon meeting the financial and other qualifications as established by the Association, an Active Member shall acquire Life Membership Status upon the full payment of a seven hundred fifty ($750.00) dollar one-time assessment. All persons with Life Membership Status shall be exempt from paying National dues but are required to pay all applicable annual Chapter and Region dues to be considered as Active Members (members in good standing) of the Association. Life Members who have not paid dues at all applicable levels cannot hold office at the National level, or vote in National elections, but may vote and participate at National Meetings if registered with full registration or with single-day registration on the day of the meeting. $750 then $35 chapter dues

Subscribing Life Membership A Subscribing Life Member may elect to pay the $750 assessment in installments over a period of either one (1) year (12 months) if paid electronically, three (3) years, or five (5) years. All installments due under the three (3) or five (5) year term must be paid by December 31st of the year the total assessment is due. $285 Yearly ($275 National Dues + $35 Chapter Dues)

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